ActionCoach is committed to delivering business growth to SMEs in Dubai and the Middle East. We work with over 20,000 businesses every week, in over 50 different countries around the world, and at these workshops we will be discussing the winning mindset, tools and strategies that help our clients achieve massive results.

6 Steps to a Winning Business

This interactive workshop is designed to take you through each of the Six Steps to having a commercial, profitable, and sustainably growing enterprise that can work without you. We use simple, actionable strategies that lead to massive results. This quick introductory video clip gives you a taster of what to expect. The workshop is specifically geared towards ideas-driven and passionate CEOs, Directors and Entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next level of success.

The Science of Effective Selling

Successful sales are the driving force behind most businesses. What does it take to be great at sales without being pushy or ‘salesy’? Knowing your product and your market, asking the right questions, gaining trust and closing the deal. In this interactive half-day workshop you will learn the most powerful sales strategies in the ActionCOACH Toolbox, and master the techniques that will allow you to close high-value sales, faster, and without being “salesy”.

90-Day Strategic Planning

The 90-Day Strategic Planning Session is our exclusive, full-day, intensive learning and business planning session. By the end of this action-packed day you will have absolute focus and clarity on where your business is going to be in 90-days’ time, and an action plan to get you there. Run once every quarter, this workshop builds momentum for business owners and their teams to keep driving forward and achieve outstanding results every 90 days.