Three Areas to Focus on for Business Results in 2018

08 November 2017

Here’s the bad news: there’s about 53 days (or just under 8 weeks) left to the end of the year. Remove the last week of December, and there’s less than 7 weeks to go. Given also that most people mentally shut down earlier than Christmas, we have about 6 weeks of productivity left for 2017.

Here’s the good news: we have 6 weeks of productivity left for 2017. And, for those who value their time, a lot can be accomplished in 6 weeks. The difficulty is in not running around like a headless chicken while everyone else is losing their respective minds.

So what can you work on that will have the biggest impact? Here are three areas you can focus on immediately that will get you tangible results in 2018.

3 – Refine your marketing:

Stop and revisit 2017 as a whole. You’ve had 12 months of marketing, 52 weeks of sales, and 365 days of deliverables. What clients did you win that you hadn’t expected? What projects did you land that were a ‘lucky shot’ when you pitched for them? What results did you deliver that were a pleasant surprise to the client?

Chances are, there is something that you have done over the year that could change your target market or target prospect. Revisit your activities and outcomes over the year, and try and make sense of the patterns that may emerge. It could point you towards some of your greatest insights.

2 – Plan your wins:

Don’t keep your goals a secret from your team. If you want to smash revenue records, or open new branches, or start new verticals – tell the people who are going to help you achieve it! Too often, I see companies making ambitious plans, and then hiding them in drawers and private email exchanges. If the team are excited about your goals, they will go above and beyond to help you get there.

Goal boards, public celebrations, achievement trackers – all of these contribute to enthusiasm and drive. And there can never be too much of those.

1 – Build accountability structures:

This actually ties in very closely to the previous point: Everyone wants to win. But very few want to be held accountable to what they promised earlier, even though it statistically improves chances of success by over 50%! It’s the reason why personal and life coaches recommend making goals public. If you announce your exercise target to your friends circle, they are more likely to help you achieve it, and more likely to stop you from letting yourself down.

Who is going to help you stick to your business resolutions? Who better than the team on the ground? Get the team to get into ‘accountability pairs’, where each one holds the other accountable to what they promised to work on. Maybe even start it with a Secret Santa game, and switch up pairs each quarter. Whatever it takes, the more each person is accountable for their success, the much more likely they are to work harder to accomplish their goals.

This year is flying by. But it is going only as quickly as the year before it, and next year is going to go just as fast. Make the changes that will have the biggest impact, and see the rewards flow in over the year.

PS. Creating ownership and accountability in your team is just one of the key areas of business we’re going to be discussing at the next 90-Day Strategic Business Planning Session. Click here to view the workshop details, and click here to watch an awesome video of the last one.