Client Impact Stories

Our Clients

At ActionCOACH we’ve worked with some of the fastest-growing companies in Dubai, supporting their growth and helping them achieve their next level of success. Here are some of the brilliant clients we’ve worked with, and the results they’ve seen in their business within just a short period of working with us.


Client Impact Stories: Nobody challenges you as a business owner

John Watkinson, Founder and CEO of Joie Brands speaks about how coaching with has enabled his business to achieve all the crazy things he wants to do, whilst also having the structure and systems to support their rapid growth. John also enjoys being able to discuss new ideas, having someone to challenge his thinking, and implementing accountability to ensure the business is always moving forward.


Client Impact Stories: We will hit our 5 year goals in 2 years!

Shameer Thaha, Executive Director of IXF Technologies explains how creating and managing time has enabled him to accelerate their business growth. By focusing on key business areas such as improving the team’s productivity, creating efficient systems, and implementing accountability structures, the company is in line to achieve their 5 year goals in 2 years.


Client Impact Stories: Much More Focused on Our 90-Day Goals

Fiona McKenzie, Managing Director of Gabbitas Middle East speaks about how implementing key business disciplines like the Default Diary, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and Targeted Marketing has resulted in better time management, increased revenues, and a more integrated business globally.


Client Impact Stories: Control Your Business Using Less Time

Hassan Sheikh, CEO of Ducorr Middle East shares his experience with ActionCOACH, and the difference he is able to see in his business after just one month of coaching. Using tried-and-tested processes and methodologies, Hassan is now able to manage and drive his business forward using less time, allowing him more time to implement new ideas, work on strategy, and spend more time doing the things he loves to do.


Client Impact Stories: We’ve Transformed Our Business

James Pardoe, CEO of GROW speaking about how the 90-Day Strategic Business Planning Session has helped keep him focused and his eyes on the goal. Through implementing key business strategies such as KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), Dashboards and Effective Time Management, he and his team can now predict challenges and pitfalls even before they show up as a problem. Attending the Business Planning Workshops has essentially transformed their business.