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Not every business will succeed
After working with over 570 businesses across 16 industries in the last 7 years, this statement is true.
The old approach to business is quickly becoming a liability.
The old barriers to entry no longer exist. Your competitors can win market share with a fraction of what you’ve invested over the years. Supply chains have been shortened, marketing channels disrupted, and consumer behavior has changed drastically. Businesses start and fail at a scale unprecedented.

There is good news, however. 
Global markets are easier to reach than ever before, shorter supply chains help lower costs, and changing customer demands allow for greater differentiation. The potential to grow is greater than ever before too.

Even with the increased opportunities...
The risk of not succeeding is ever present. “Not succeeding” comes in two forms: having to shut the business down, or continue with only achieving mediocre, unexciting results.

The businesses we work with do not tolerate under-achieving. 

These are organizations that can and will make it, and usually have three common characteristics:

They are confident in their team's capabilities, but recognize areas for improvement.

They have a hunger to grow and succeed, and aren’t satisfied with mediocre growth

They are led by passionate leaders, who think at 100 miles per hour, and need their teams to keep up

Meet your Coach.

ActionCOACH Dubai's Managing Director & Kaizen Consulting Group's Founder Murtaza Manji has seen more businesses inside-out than any other business coach in the UAE

As an Entrepreneur, Business Coach and Speaker, Murtaza has worked with 570+ CEOs, Directors and Business Leaders from over 16 different industries to achieve: higher profits, greater productivity from their teams and sustainable growth by creating efficient systems and structure.

From minor tweaks in sales and operations, to revamping the reporting and accountability structures from the top-down, he helps results-focused executives make high-impact business decisions on how to best position the organisation for success. Many of his clients run award-winning companies, and these people are - as he describes - leaders who "think at 100 miles per hour, and need everyone to keep up”.

2X Cash, 4x Profitability, 10X Business Growth.

ActionCOACH - Kaizen Consulting Group: Powerful Tools to Help Your Business Grow

In an age of disruption - is your business strategy a liability?

It's all about Performance
At ActionCOACH, we've worked with some of the fastest growing companies in the UAE to deliver: double-digit growth in revenues and profits, greater productivity and a results-oriented team, and sustainable, measureable business scalability through efficient systems and structures.

Are you in Operations, Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR and Strategy?
We achieve results by handcrafting a strategic business coaching program that focuses on optimising the key areas of your business. This results in faster, smarter business decisions and sustainable year-on-year growth.

Your Strategic Advisor & Business Coach

Will work together with you and your team to turn your vision into action & strategy into sales, achieving guaranteed results for your business.

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Are you after any of these GAINS?

Agility, Clarity & Alignment

A Truly Differentiated Strategy

Smarter, Faster Numbers-Based Decisions

4X Employee Engagement

2X Cash, 3X Profitability, 10X Growth

Accountable, Results Focused Culture

Hire the Right People to do the Right Things

More time to work on growing the business rather than running it!

Are you facing any of these PAINS?

Leadership Team Performance

Falling revenues & profitability

Cash Flow Management

Employee Engagement

Client Acquisition & Retention

Stagnation & Boardroom Procrastination

Too much clutter, too much to do, no time 

Strategy & Business Models are under attack, or appear outdated

If you're serious about achieving significant business growth in the next 12 months, let's talk.


Clarity: Identify the bottle-necks, the inefficiencies, and your business' greatest vulnerabilities. We will clarify exactly where you are now, in order to determine your best steps forward.

Focus: A tried-and-tested Growth Structure to help you clear the clutter, and focus on the exact areas of your business that you need to start working on for significant growth. 

Action: Once you have identified your next steps, we will hold  you accountable to actually implementing them. Execution is key, and the only way you will see results is through ACTION.

An initial session to help uncover the main challenges and pinpoint the areas of your business that have the most potential for growth. You will get first hand experience of how the tailored business coaching program can help you make the right decisions to multiply and accelerate your business results. 

This is a no obligation engagement, and completely free of charge.

Here's what you can expect from the session:

2X Cash, 4x Profitability, 10X Business Growth.

"Did you say guaranteed results?"

Yes! Our Tailored One-to-One Coaching Programs are GUARANTEED to give you ROI within 17 weeks.   If you don't see results, we coach you for free until you do.

Faster, Smarter, Results-Oriented Business Decisions


“Murtaza gets my highest recommendation as a business coach and mentor. He listened, understood and helped me identify the challenges I was having and gave me the tools to support our fast growing business. He is an invaluable asset for any CEO or business owner as he helps you to strengthen your effectiveness as a leader and to build a strong team to support you.” 

“Murtaza has been instrumental over the last few months in supporting me in the running of my business Travel Ink. Within just a short period of time, I had concrete goals in place and achieved a more sustainable business model, an award, the development of new products and services, and one of the highest revenues recorded in the business history.” 

“I have worked with Murtaza for over a year now and our journey has been very rewarding. There is a magical element that takes place. Every time I meet him we go through the tasks that were set and you are actually able to see progress that you did not think you had made. As a business owner and entrepreneur you are always focused on the bigger picture, what Murtaza has enabled me to do is create a structured way to review my 90 day and weekly tasks! I would highly recommend working with him. 

“I have worked with Murtaza for over a year now and I have to say that getting a business coach is one of the best things I have done for my business. Murtaza is brilliant at getting any owner to think outside the box but whilst still keeping the business owner within the right frame! He allows you and your business the freedom you need to grow, create and get stronger whilst also endorsing a certain element of accountability that most business owners simply don’t have." 

J. Leblan  

Founder, Retail 

K. Osman   

Managing Director, Professional Services 

J Watkinson,  

CEO, Design  

A. Shah,    

Managing Director, Logistics 

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