Create a Culture of Accountability in your Business

A fast-growing company's most difficult decisions revolve around how to design and develop their culture. A culture that captures the essence and DNA of your‘tribe’ and helps drive the right behaviours and decisions that help you win. 

On this page you can download our powerful tools that have been tried-and-tested by thousands of SMEs worldwide. The tools are designed to help you create an Above-The-Line Culture, where every team member plays with Accountability, Responsibility and Ownership to help you win.

"Accountability" is a big, heavy word. It means a lot of things to a lot of people. It’s used as a measure of pro-activity, productivity and manageability. 

It’s probably safe to say that every company that has a culture of accountability will continue performing and improving, even in challenging times.

Conversely, stagnation, finger-pointing and under-performance are characteristic of companies where this culture does not exist.

The question that business leaders often ask is: How can we create this culture of accountability in our company?

The 3 Keys to Creating a Culture of Accountability

The Culture Framework Questionnaire: This is an exercise to capture the authentic core values and
purpose of your organization, not to just create a “culture statement” but to discover the core values and purpose you are truly committed to.

ATL/BTL Mindset: A key concept in ActionCOACH that has turned thousands of companies around, simply by asking: Where do you play?  This is a mindset tool to help you instill Accountability, Ownership and Responsibility in your team.

The One-Page 90-Day Plan: How are you measuring if someone is an A player? Does everyone know who is accountable for what? Is everyone clear about everyone else’s KPIs? How transparent is your organisation? Are people crystal clear about what their job function is and how to measure continuous improvement? This tool is a fundamental pillar of our clients' successes, and will help you and your team structure your 90-day tasks and goals to allow better workflow and continuous improvement.

About The Author

ActionCOACH Dubai's Managing Director & Kaizen Consulting Group's Founder Murtaza Manji has seen more businesses inside-out than any other business coach in the UAE

As an Entrepreneur, Business Coach and Speaker, Murtaza has worked with 550+ CEOs, Directors and Business Leaders from over 15 different industries to achieve: higher profits, greater productivity from their teams and sustainable growth by creating efficient systems and structure.

From minor tweaks in sales and operations, to revamping the reporting and accountability structures from the top-down, he helps results-focused executives make high-impact business decisions on how to best position the organisation for success. Many of his clients run award-winning companies, and these people are - as he describes - leaders who "think at 100 miles per hour, and need everyone to keep up”.

Drive Productivity and Results With Powerful Accountability Tools

Creating a Culture of Accountability: Powerful Tools to Help Your Business Grow

Powerful Tools to Help Your Business Grow

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