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The Who, the Why and the How…

ActionCOACH is the leading business coaching company in the world. Founded in 1995, ActionCOACH has grown to more than 1000 offices in over 40 countries. Our shared vision is ‘World abundance through business re-education’. We work with thousands of business owners globally every week to help them increase their profits, manage their time better and improve their employees’ productivity.

We are incredibly proud of the results we have achieved with our clients, and what drives us to that is our vision, our core purpose and our values.

Every team member at ActionCOACH shares the company’s vision of world abundance. We firmly believe there are more than enough resources in this world for every business to run successfully. Our core purpose is to ensure every business is performing at it’s absolute best.



Business coaching with ActionCOACH is practical, actionable and results-based. It’s about understanding where you can apply your time, focus, energy and investment to get the greatest return in the shortest time. And we’re so confident that we can help you get your results, we guarantee it.

We believe your business should: > Be making you money – lots of it > Not have employees but team members who support and add value > Run efficiently and productively without you having to be there > Give you time to do the things you are passionate about > Be a long-term asset that will help you achieve your business and personal goals

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In everything that we do, we promise to uphold the values that are most important to us:

Honesty & Integrity No fluffy stuff – we will tell it how it is, with complete honesty.

Passion for Results You will have access to the most powerful strategies in our toolbox, the highest level of coaching insight and a support network you can rely on. We will work passionately and diligently to get you the results you want.

Accountability We will do the things we say we’ll do, and we will hold you accountable to the changes you commit to. These are our core values, and we hope to inspire the same in the people we work with.

Meet The Coach

Murtaza Manji is one of the most dynamic and driven coaches in the Action team. His experience with businesses ranges from working in the corporate world to running his own successful businesses. Murtaza has coached 350+ clients from over 15 industries to achieve higher profits, greater productivity and sustainable growth. His heart lies in working with SME’s, and what drives him most is his passion to see SME’s succeed, both financially and operationally.



Sometimes the best way to learn is to get out of your normal zone and invest a day immersing yourself in something new.

That’s what the workshops are all about. Whether in-house or public, we arrange workshops to help you learn and implement the best ways to grow your business, improve your sales and make more money. From the Six Steps workshop to Quarterly Planning Sessions, we can help you and your team achieve more.

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James PardoeCEO,

I’ve been attending the ActionCOACH Quarterly Business Planning Session for about two years now. It’s a brilliant opportunity to step away from the daily grind and take a fresh look at the bigger picture. It helps me to re-focus on what’s truly important and design a plan to make sure it gets done. By re-gaining sight of the end goal it also re-motivates me to drive the business forward and I always leave the day feeling pumped up and excited to get back to work.

The sessions are kept fresh with new speakers each time, covering pertinent topics that both educate and motivate. I should also mention the interludes designed to keep our brains switched on, such as post-lunch yoga sessions, mini-workouts and the many coffee breaks.

Lastly I want to mention the great crowd that Murtaza attracts to these sessions; most of whom are business owners themselves which offers excellent networking opportunities but more importantly, opportunities to learn from others in the same boat.


Adam RidgwayCEO

When starting off your journey as a business owner, you’re focused on achieving. You have your objectives, goals, and are driven beyond accepting what you’re given, as you’re on a journey to go out and get it. Being the best, over achieving daily and manifesting your desires. After several years, it helps if you re-calibrate, take stock of where you are, what you’ve achieved and where you want to go next.

Being introduced to Murtaza and ActionCoach’s 90 day plan helped me dramatically in calibrating my next chapter. Understanding where I want to be in three years and what do I need to achieve in the next year to be a third of my way there. Breaking it down (very comprehensively), what do I need to do in the next 3 months to be a “third” of the way towards my one year goal. Simple when you’re told, but not when you’re not allowing yourself the time to reflect.

Murtaza coaches fantastically well, drawing out the answers from within and generally guiding you on the path of achievement. I’ve still got a journey to go and many chapters – having ActionCoach behind me is a comfort and wonderful support.

I whole-heartedly recommend Murtaza personally and ActionCoach as a business way of life.

Thank you for your excellent service and fantastic advice.


John WatkinsonDirector & Founder,

I have worked with Murtaza for over a year now and I have to say that getting a business coach is one of the best things I have done for my business.

Murtaza is brilliant at getting any owner to think outside the box but whilst still keeping the business owner within the right frame! He allows you and your business the freedom you need to grow, create and get stronger whilst also endorsing a certain element of accountability that most business owners simply don’t have.

I would highly recommend Murtaza and Action Coach to any business owner or business decision maker. They say all top athletes require a coach to reach the level they reach, it is the same for business and I would choose Murtaza to be my coach any time.

Thank you for all your help Murtaza.


Muhammad ObaidPrincipal Architect & Founder,

I spent years and years trying to discover the equations that stand behind nonphysical things such as (beauty, happiness or feeling comfortable). Part of these was the equation that stands behind success, and of course, part of that is success in business.

You were the reason behind the following:
1. I got to know some of the equations that stand behind success and I’m eager to know more.
2. I got to know that spending that one hour with you every week is a really good time investment which positively affects the way things are going during the week until our next meeting.
3. I was able to coach my team better by following a system that you and I created together.

I was lucky that I had the chance to attend your workshop “6 Steps to a Better Business” instead of saying the typical answer “I already know that”; believe it or not after this workshop my mind was enhanced and I have a clearer vision of where and how I want to be.


Julie Barbier-LeblanCEO

Murtaza gets my highest recommendation as a business coach and mentor. He listened, understood and helped me identify the challenges I was having and gave me the tools to support our fast growing business. He is an invaluable asset for any CEO or business owner as he helps you to strengthen your effectiveness as a leader and to build a strong team to support you.


Karen OsmanManaging Director,

Murtaza has been instrumental over the last few months in supporting me in the running of my business Travel Ink. Within just a short period of time, I had concrete goals in place and achieved a more sustainable business model, an award, the development of new products and services, and one of the highest revenues recorded in the business history.


Abhishek ShahManaging Director,

I have worked with Murtaza for over a year now and our journey has been very rewarding. There is a magical element that takes place. Every time I meet him we go through the tasks that were set and you are actually able to see progress that you did not think you had made. As a business owner and entrepreneur you are always focused on the bigger picture, what Murtaza has enabled me to do is create a structured way to review my 90 day and weekly tasks!

I would highly recommend working with him.


Teeba AlkhudairiFounder,

Murtaza is a life saver. Literally. He is not just a business coach, but a business partner, friend, and sometimes even therapist! Ever since our paths met and I started coaching with Murtaza, not only did my business progress but I did as an individual. What makes Murtaza unique is that he helps you make things happen, and holds you accountable for it. All the excuses dissipate and all the impossible seems possible. I recommend him for any business that wants miracles to happen.


Mohamedraza VirjiManaging Director,

Murtaza has been an asset to our business and still is. With his service we have been able to streamline our venture and move on towards greener pastures. Our revenues have increased since, whilst he has identified cost reduction solutions. Working with Murtaza allows you to think out of the box and reinvent your goals and vision. A must have coach!


Samim SyedSenior Financial Planner,

The 90 Day Planning Session held by Murtaza at ActionCOACH has helped my business adapt and grow profitably over the past year. I first used ActionCOACH back in October 2014, and since then my business has grown by more than 200%. It therefore goes without saying that Murtaza’s 90 Day Planning Session is a fundamental part of my year, where I get to plan ahead and strategise for the upcoming quarter.
Reminding me to change a mind-set of blame, excuses and denial, to a mind-set of ownership, accountability and responsibility, Murtaza has assisted me to excel in my business, laying down strategies but also acting uptown them to ensure success.
I cannot stress how beneficial ActionCOACH have been, and would strongly advise you to attend one of Murtaza’s workshops to help your business unleash it’s full potential.

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