3 Fundamental Keys to Convert Your Leads

18 April 2017

Even the best laid plans sometimes fail — and despite well-informed decisions in your marketing outreach, only a certain percentage of your money and effort will to turn into solid leads.


Since we can never say for sure how many people we’ll actually get on the hook… and how many of those will actually reach the end of the sales funnel… it’s critical for businesses to achieve high levels of conversion on the leads we do have. Maximizing every prospect and turning lead into gold. And while getting leads through the door is the job of a focused marketing initiative, converting said leads is the job of your sales force (which, in some cases, might be you).


So, then in sales, how can we turn a first “hello” into “we appreciate your business”? Fortunately, successful conversion is much more science than an abstract art — You don’t need to be Joe Girard or Zig Ziglar to get great percentages. You should, however, begin with these three things every salesperson/team must have top of mind when engaging a lead:


  • One – You’re selling to people. This can’t be stated enough. People have moods, emotions, needs, wants, desires, politics, feelings, a few even have logic! Speaking with the person in their preferred conversational style gives you a better chance of being heard and getting further into your sale.


  • Two – People appreciate conversations, especially when it comes to bigger decisions. Engaging your prospect with meaningful queries, listening to their response and letting those responses guide your thinking is wiser and more effective than guessing and blanket sales. Take the time to tailor your pitch. Put your prospects at ease with genuine, relevant conversation and you’ll see something magical will happen…they’ll tell you how to pitch them.


  • Three – Pitch ‘em the way they want to be pitched! Now that you’ve discovered what hurts and where, which things they wish were easier, faster or more affordable, present the benefits which address their concerns and offer a solution. Notice I said benefits. The folly of too many salespeople is spending generous time on facts and figures instead of demonstrating how this product or service will make your life amazing. By pitching them how they want to be pitched – listening to their concerns and presenting a specific solution – you’ll hit the mental and emotional triggers necessary to stimulate the successful exchange.


Simply keeping these 3 keys top of mind will help you convert a higher % of your hard-earned leads and reel more money into your business.